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Management Strategy And Policy Of Etihad Airways Tourism
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Q1-What is the mission of
Etihad Airways?
T he mission of the airline is to maximize
prof itability by implementing ef f ectual
business methods f or optimal yield, minimum transit times, maximum load-f actors, seamless and immediate inf ormation to the airline community, administration and increase customer service.

Q2-What is wrong with this mission?
In the mission stated above, f ew of the major issues that are missing: • Increasing the strength of aircraf ts in the airlines
• Implementing sof tware solutions to enlace quality of service • Creating new partnerships
• Expanding with overtaking
• Advancement in hospitality standards

Q3-What is the vision of Etihad Airways?
“As the nationalized Airline of the UAE (United Arab Emirates), the company seek to imitate the best of national hospitality — warm , cultured, considerate and generous — in addition to improve the status of Abu Dhabi as a f ocus of hospitality connecting East and West”.

Q4- EXPLAINS Porter's Five Forces of Etihad Airways.
The threat of substitute competitors:
In the recent years the threat due to its substitute competitors was almost nullif ied. T hey stood nowhere in f ront of Etihad. T he other substitutes kept on declining and the company Etihad kept on improving talking in terms of prof it in the market. T he other companies could not of f er such a low f ares as compared to Etihad whose f ares were remarkable.

The threat of the entry of new competitors
T here had been a constant threat f rom the upcoming new competitors. Every now and then many new companies were launched along with the existing ones. T hey all tried to match up to the level of Etihad but ultimately f ailed to continue on a long run. T hey met with huge loss and ultimately...
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