Types of Teaching Aids

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The process of teaching and learning usually related to the way teacher produce the lesson in the classroom. The common techniques that usually teacher use in the classroom is chalk and talk. They never think about pupils’ interest for their teaching process. For teacher herself in the past, preparing teaching aids is a burden and waste of time. As for pupils, without good teaching aids as a second source of information, they will face a difficulty in understanding the lesson. Tomlinson (2001) has given a clear definition of teaching materials. According to him, ‘materials include anything which can be used to facilitate the learning of a language. They can be linguistic, visual, auditory or kinesthetic.’ (p. 66). However, in era of technology, preparing teaching aids is not so burden. There are plenty of teaching aids available in the internet. Teacher just needs to find the right teaching materials that can suit the best to their lesson.

There a few types of teaching aids that can be use by a teacher to deliver their lesson more interesting and accurately. From the simples as textbook to the more complicated such as software that require pupils explore more. However, there are still some teachers that prefer to use chalks and talk during their period. New materials as teaching aids now can easily be used by teacher such as YouTube, DVD, emails and a few others. In other mean that ESL teachers should always adapt materials to be used in the classroom to ensure that they fit into the local contexts and pupils able to understand.

Types of teaching aids
Pupils can become bored sitting in a classroom for hours. Teaching aids can provide a welcome break for pupils who have been sitting for awhile and listening to a teacher lecture in front of the classroom. Teacher can use various teaching aids besides textbooks to increase pupils’ interest and demonstrate how things work. Visual aids, such as whiteboards or chalkboards, charts, maps, flash cards, and calendars are commonly used. Presentation tools. such as bulletin boards, audiovisual equipment, and overhead projectors are also utilized frequently along with multimedia displays and computers. These are commonly uses teaching aids in teacher teaching and learning process:

1. Worksheets
Worksheets are handouts that pupils need to complete in order to practice their skills. They give the pupils a chance to get further repetition without taking the teacher's full-time attention. While all pupils try to complete their worksheets, teacher can focus on the individual pupil who need the most help. Worksheets are also a common form of homework task. A pupil’s performance on worksheets can also be used to monitor the pupil’s progress on that particular subject.

2. Textbooks
Textbooks are books containing information about a particular subject, organized in a manner calculated to make presenting the information easier. Teachers can read a textbook to confirm or expand their personal knowledge and/or assign readings from a textbook for pupils to complete. Many textbooks also include quizzes or review questions to help assess how well students have comprehended what they have read. Publishing companies often release matched pairs of textbooks with workbooks (books full of worksheets) on the same subject matter.

3. Realia object
Realia are real things from the real world that are related to the subject matter being studied. Pupils can interact with the realia to gain better view on what they are studying. For example, pupils can touch a tree as their learning about the enviroment or pupils can make a simple sandwich as they are learning about food in the classroom or pupils can search for item in the classroom such as dustbin, duster and a few more.

4. Multimedia
Often among the most popular teaching aids with the pupils, multimedia presentations use video, audio or both to present information. Films, videos and short film are all examples of...
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