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Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Sign language Pages: 9 (294 words) Published: December 10, 2014
Types of communication

Can you come up with all the
different forms/types
of communication?
(the next slide might help you)

Why is having different types of
Having different forms of communication
between people helps to exchange ideas
and information… It also has positive
outcomes for people such as self-esteem,
building relationships and security/safety
whereas poor communication can make
people feel venerable and worthless
leading to mental health problems.

Non verbal communication

Text messaging
• “Text messaging is described as the exchange
of short text messages.”
It is a type of communication that is nonverbal
• There are many arguments about whether
text messaging is beneficial for society.
• Can you think of some advantages and
disadvantages to text messaging as a form of



Oral communication
• “Oral communication is the process of
expressing information or ideas by word of
mouth.” and it includes sounds, words,
language and speech.
• Speaking can be a effective way of
communicating due to it helping to express
emotions however some people struggle with
this form of commination for example because
of illness, health or confidence/ self-esteem.

Written communication
• “Written communication is writing the words
which you want to communicate”
• Written communication is also used with
technology through text messaging, websites,
emails etc....
• With written communication it is important to get
points across clearly so the readers of audience
understand what is being said.


“Sign language is a visual way of communicating using hand gestures, facial expressions and body language.”
There are many different types of signing including:
• British Sign Language (BSL)
• Sign Supported English
• Tactile signing
• Makaton
And all these help individuals who struggle or can’t verbally communicate to still be able to through various ways.

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