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Topics: Typeface, Question, Answer, Typography, DNA, Gene / Pages: 2 (412 words) / Published: Jun 16th, 2014
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Note: Type your answers on this sheet, using Arial, font size 10, line spacing 1 ½
Read the article given, understand it and write your answer. DO NOT merely copy and paste.
Copying word-by-word is plagiarism, and disciplinary action may be taken against you.
This assignment will contribute = 10% of the carry over marks
You will need to print and submit the assignment (hard copy) to my office (Room A528, Block A).

The purpose of this exercise is to train you to extract the correct information. If the question ask for “most important xxx…..” means you should choose the most important xxx as your answer.
Do not write all sorts of answers that you can paste out for the lecturer to choose. Marks will be deducted if you cannot show the ability to decide for yourself. Again you are not allowed to just copy and paste!.
In some questions, there may be no right or wrong answer. You are to form your own conclusion and justify it.
You need to follow and adhere to the number of words (limits) set for each questions.
All answers can be found in the article given. Questions are set according to the orders, from the abstract to the last sections.
Dateline: 5PM THURSDAY 19th JUNE 2014. Anything later from this, marks will be penalized.

1. Based on the abstract, identify and state the major discovery of this research?
(max 30 words) 4 marks

2. Identify the three (3) genes that is the focused of this study and briefly describe their roles. (You will need to identify the full name of these genes).
(max 60 words) 6 marks

3. In this publication, the author used the terms ‘germline origin’ and ‘epimutation’ in describing their analysis and finding. Define these terms, and relate them to the context of this study.
(max 100 words) 6 marks

4. Based on this study, describe how the researcher designs the gene specific primers for CDH1 in order to distinguish the methylation state.


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