Tyler Oakley Research Paper

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Professional Fangirl, Queen, and “Yass” come to mind at the mention of Tyler Oakley. This humorous and generous queen was “born on March 22, 1989 in Jackson, Michigan” (articlebio.com). Tyler Oakley has “six brothers, six sisters”, and is the son of Jackie Oakley who is referred to as “Queen Jackie” by Tyler’s YouTube fan base. (aritclebio.com). “He came out when he was fourteen” (hotbirthdays.com). This self-named Professional Fangirl fights for the equality of everyone, specifically LGBTQ + youth. He has his own YouTube channel, a podcast called Psychobabble, and a book titled Binge. Tyler Oakley is successful in the fact that he has raised over $550,000 for the Trevor Project by one YouTube video. Not only that, but he has “8,125,648 million subscribers on YouTube, and went on a national tour known as The Slumber Party Tour” (observer.com). Tyler Oakley is a little-known person who is fighting to bring equality to LGBTQ + youth through YouTube, the Trevor Project, and social media. …show more content…
Early in his life, Tyler knew he was gay, this is why he fights for the social rights of the LGBT and Trans community. Also, when he first got on YouTube, he faced discrimination for being gay and used this as a reason to use his YouTube videos to connect with people and raise awareness for suicide and crisis prevention among LGBTQ+ youth. Tyler Oakley is a social rights advocate and an LGBTQ+ voice on YouTube because he is a part of the LGBTQ+ community and he has experienced

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