Dylan Parker Research Paper

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The glass offices glisten as the early morning sun protrudes in through the towering glass (use of glass twice?) windows. The sound of quick fingers typing blends with the sudden slurp of coffee fills the room. This atmosphere suddenly changes, this man, tall and bold walking confidently through the offices casually signalling hello to his fellow co-workers. Dylan Parker. Many people have a different perception of life, some people think that you have a purpose and some people think you don’t. "The meaning of life is to have fun". This quote from Dylan Parker expresses his feelings deeply. He certainly lives his life like this pursuing and acting on his love of paper planes, competing in the World Paper Plane Championships in Austria and coming home with a podium place for Australia at only 21 years of age. Dylan Parker is an extraordinary man (is he an ordinary man leading an extraordinary dream?) who demonstrates what life means to him. Dylan Parker, in 2008 he was diagnosed with a lethal cancer a malignant, a tumour that was pressing on his brain which if not dealt with fatal. "On my birthday in 2008, my 21st birthday, I had a party with all my friends. I had a great evening. It was great fun. But towards the end of the …show more content…
The hospital ward was constantly being filled up with paper planes. “When he was in hospital, paper planes were around all the time in conversations and kind of a light at the end of the tunnel” After this pain we were making preparations for Dylan to come home when Dad received a phone call saying that it was a benign tumour, which all was removed in surgery and that Dylan would not have to go through Chemotherapy. This news came as a delight to the family that had feared the worst. After this Dylan was all cleared to go home and “get on” with his life. “That was just an amazing series of events, I’ll never forget it in my

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