Topics: Blood pressure, Brachial artery, Pulse Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Mark the following true or false. T=True F=False
_____30. Always report a pulse rate if the beats per minute are under 60 or over 100. CHOOSE ONE CORRECT ANSWER FOR EACH QUESTION BELOW AND CIRCLE THE CORRESPONDING LETTER. 34. When taking a patient’s pulse, you should take it for: A.15 seconds. full minute.
C.5 seconds.
D.two minutes.
35. When a patient’s respirations are being counted, it is best that the patient: A.tries to breath evenly.
B.tries to breathe as deeply as he can.
C.sits up straight.
D.not be aware that the respirations are being counted.
24. Which temperature should you report immediately?
a. An oral temperature of 98.4 degrees F
b. A rectal temperature of 99.6 degrees F
c. An axillary temperature of 99.6 degrees F
d. An oral temperature of 99.0 degrees F

25. In taking, 84 year old, Mr. Brown’s blood pressure, you obtain a reading of 132/86. Which of the following would be an accurate interpretation of the reading? a. Mr. Brown has hypertension
b. Mr. Brown has hypotension
c. Mr. Brown’s blood pressure is normal
d. Mr. Brown might be anemic

26. Why is the thumb NOT used when checking a client’s pulse? a. The flat part of the thumb is less sensitive then the flat part of other fingertips b. The thumb can place too much pressure on the client’s pulse c. The thumb’s pulse may be felt instead of the client’s pulse d. The thumb’s tip is in a more awkward position than the other fingertips

27. When a client has been drinking fluids, how long do you wait before taking an oral temperature? a. 10-15 minutes
b. 35-45 minutes
c. 5-10 minutes
d. 1-5 minutes
28. How long do you wash your hands?

29. R.O.M Means
29. I & O means
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