Tux 101 Module 3

Topics: Pregnancy, Reproduction, Male Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: May 18, 2013
The Evaluation Of www.malepregnancy.com
Module 3 Case Assignment
Nassal R. Braimbridge
Trident University

As the name suggests, this website is about male pregnancy. It covers the pregnancy of Mr. Lee Mingwei an artist living in Manhattan. At first glance this website seems simple and straightforward with the page title “POP THE FIRST MALE PREGNANCY” and a large picture of a pregnant man directly below it. The page itself did not have any relevant information about Mr. Lee besides a useless little widget which is supposedly displaying a live feed of his ultrasound and vitals. It also had no information about male pregnancy or how it works, only what appeared to be a link to an article by John Jay College of Criminal Justice titled “Male Pregnancy, Designer Babies and Medical Nanotechnology. The link turned out to be just a picture and did not do anything. The page seemed to be more focused on people’s personal opinions of what Mr. Lee was doing, as it was dominated by statements about what people though and links to more posts from many more people. There were also links to popular news and entertainment websites such CNN, U.S. News and Oprah, however these served no purpose as they did not take you to the stories that they displayed. This website was published by RYT Hospital-Dwayne Medical Center, but the link to their page did not work either. Neither did the ones to the Privacy Notice nor Disclaimer. This website contained no real facts that would help that would be helpful to someone doing research, and would only be useful for entertainment purposes. After some research I learned that the website was just a hoax created by Mr. Lee Mingwei as an art project. This confirmed my suspicion, as the average person could clearly tell that some was wrong with this website after just a few minutes of using it.
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