Module 2 review

Topics: Velocity, Acceleration, Classical mechanics Pages: 1 (526 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Module 2 Exam Review
-Please note the number in parenthesis is the lesson the answer can be found in./ 1. What is the study of motion called? (2.00)
2. All motion is relative to what? (2.01)
3. Define instantaneous and average speed and give examples. (2.01, 2.02) 4. Look at the graph below; be able to explain what quantity is the slope of a “Position versus Time” represents what the average speed for the first hour is, what distance is covered during each time interval, and what a horizontal line on this type of graph means. (2.06-2.08, 2.21-2.23)

5. Define vector quantity and scalar quantities, give an example of each. (2.09-2.11) 6. Julianna walks 10 meters East, 15 meters South and 20 meters North. What is her resultant displacement? (2.10-2.11) 7. Two vectors with magnitudes of 6 meters and 8 meters cannot have a resultant of: (2.09-2.11) 48 meters

14 meters
10 meters
2 meters
8. A bicyclist going south at 5 m/s passes a bicyclist going north at 5 m/s, they have the same? (2.09-2.11) 9. Define acceleration, speed, velocity, distance and displacement. (2.01, 2.16, 2.19) 10. The slope of a Velocity versus Time graph will tell you the object’s what (2.23)

11. On a velocity versus time graph the quantity the area between the graph line and the x-axis represents the change in ________________________ of the object. Refer to image below for a visual. (2.23) 12. In a vacuum, is the gravitational force "turned off"? (2.25) 13. A motorcycle accelerates from 5.0 m/s to 25 m/s in 7.0 seconds. What is the average acceleration of the bike? (2.19-2.20) 14. A ball is thrown vertically into the air and when it returns after an interval of 2 seconds, it is caught. What is the acceleration of the ball after leaving the hand? (2.25) 15. The average speed of a plane is 480 kilometers per hour. How long does it take the plane to travel 140 kilometers? (2.03-2.05) 16. An object is allowed to fall freely near the surface of an unknown planet. The...
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