Trust in God

Topics: Prayer, Spirituality, Religion Pages: 2 (913 words) Published: September 4, 2011
We as God's servants, ask the Lord everyday for good examination results, a promotion from your grouchy boss, a wife that you can cherish and vice versa, a child, a piece of chocolate, and all kinds of random things that just suddenly pop into your head. We ask God for many things that we ourselves cannot achieve but God helps us relive our dreams and resurrect our hopes. But just how are we able to achieve it if there is no mutual trust between you and the Lord? Sometimes we just take things for granted and make a thoughtless prayer hoping that we would get things effortlessly and purely rely on Him, thinking you life will go on good just because you THOUGHT you prayed. You think your praying, but are you really? Is there sincerity in your prayer? You think you trust in Him, but do you? Do you still have doubts? Do things other people say affect you upon attaining your hopes and desires? For most of us, these things still boggles our minds.

Well, one thing for sure, you'll never know which prayer God would grant and which prayer he would not. But actually, ALL of this prayer stuff, and I mean ALL of it, purely depends on your trust with God. To make it simple-sounding, when you doubt, what you actually believe is He may or may not grant your prayer, and even though you'd deny it, you don't really believe God can do everything. In your doubt, God will decide to hold on to your prayers until you start placing full trust in Him, and obviously that's not all! If you don't make an effort to increase the chances of getting your prayers fulfilled, why would God want to help? He would, again, hold on to your prayers until you start putting in the maximum effort you believe you can put in to your goals, and that's really it.

I don't know about everyone else, but I know that God helps me in every bit and piece of my life, even how minor as it appears, even if may not seem to be very nerve-wrecking, the things you personally face and get worried about are...
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