Truearth Foods

Topics: Marketing, Household income in the United States, Article Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: February 6, 2012
TruEarth Foods

1. Cucina Fresca’s refrigerated pasta was successful first because people perceived it to me fresher than the traditional dry pasta. When they launched the product there was no strong player offering a refrigerated whole grain product and with people looking for healthier options this gave them a great advantage. They also did market studies to better ensure their success, looking at sales volume and assessing consumer awareness of fresh whole grain pasta. They did their research and put together a product consumers could make easily but still feel as if they were putting some cooking effort into their families dinner.

2. The main different I noticed was that consumers making pasta were more conscious of healthy options whereas consumers choosing a pizza wanted a quick meal that tasted good. Pizza is not looked at, as a healthy food I think their efforts would be overlooked. With pasta there is more of a variety of different meals that you can make and people view it as healthier than pizza even though this may not be the case. For their pizza line to be successful I think they should focus a bit more on taste then on the health aspect.

Exhibit 5 Pizza Concept Purchase Volume Estimate, Year 1
Trial Purchase Intent| | Repeat Purchase Inputs| |
Definitely would buy| 18%| Trial Households (MM)| 3.2| % of "Definites" who actually buy| 80%| Repeat Purchase Occasions| 2.0| "Definite" Purchases| 14.4%| Repeat Transaction Amounts| 1.25| Probably would buy| 43%| Repeat Rate, by Product Scenario| | % of "Probables" who actually buy| 30%| Mediocre Product| 21%| "Probable" Purchases| 12.9%| Average Product| 37%|

| | Excellent Product| 49%|
Trial Rate (Definite + Probable)| 27.3%| | |
| | Repeat Volume, by Product Scenario (MM)| |
Marketing Plan Adjustment| | Mediocre Product| 1.0|
Gross Rating Points| 800| Average Product| 1.7|
Projected Consumer Awareness| 50%...
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