true sight essay

Topics: Hierarchy, DNA, Government Pages: 2 (283 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Research paper- true sight
Topic: the perfect world- how society views people-
A)In today’s world society judges people before getting to know who they are as a person,

they judge each other mostly by appearance, eyes, nose, eyebrows, hair, size, etc. in the

book true sight they genetically engineer peoples sight so that they cannot see the world

around them and don’t judge each other by appearance. Within my research I found

nothing of any country trying to genetically engineer blindness for the purpose presented

in the book true sight. But there are lots of people that try to spread the message that

every person is special, unique and beautiful inside and out. But there are also things that

in some ways promote hate, I personally view as a ‘bullies welcome’ website

where there can be anonymous hate.

B)Some ways genetic engineered blindness could help us are so people are all equal. Some

negative things that would come with this are people joining together and retaliating

against the government. This could cause a war between the people and the military.

C)Personally I feel that keeping our sight is a better way to handle things. Even though

there is hate between people there isn’t any escaping the hate whether it is between the

people, or between the government, or the people and the government. Hate is something

we have to suffer through; there is no escape no way to resolve it, because they will

always come one problem after another. As you solve one problem you just end up

creating another and sometimes bigger problem, it’s something that everyone faces and

always will have to.
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