Tropical Cyclones in Australia

Topics: Tropical cyclone, Tornado, Cyclone Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: June 12, 2006
Location: Tropical cyclones occur in the northern part of Australia, around the periphery, or in the tropics. The areas most affected by tropical cyclones are Queensland and Western Australia, with New South Wales being one of the states rarely affected. The season for tropical cyclones in the southern hemisphere is from November to April.

What is a tropical cyclone: Tropical cyclones are a type of low-pressure systems which generally form in the tropics. They are violent storms, which rotate anti clockwise. Cloud and wind rotates a calm central area, in the tropics (area north or south of the equator) and causes damage to people's properties, death, destruction of recourses, and leaves people severely injured. Tropical cyclones occur when warm air rises from the seas, and condense into the clouds, causing huge amounts of heat to be released. As a result of the mixture of heat and moisture, a collection of thunderstorms are produced, from which a tropical storm can develop. There are various names given to tropical cyclones depending where about on the world you are, what is called a typhoon in the western north Pacific and Asia including Japan is called a hurricane in north and central America, and a cyclone in other areas of the world such as here in Australia.

Impacts of tropical cyclones in its surroundings:
Tropical cyclones affect the social, environmental, and economic part of the world. People who have experienced a natural disaster will never be the same again.

Social: They have also affected people socially by leaving people severely injured or dead. Tropical cyclones have also had an emotional effect on people, leaving them homeless and affected by the devastation and damages around them.

Environmental: Tropical Cyclones affect the world environmentally by causing damage to houses, properties and destruction of resources. They are also very important environment because of the ecosystems. Reefs and the distribution of plants and sand have...
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