Trends in Jewellery Market

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University of Mumbai

A Project Report On


Researched By:
Akshay Trivedi
(Semester V)

Academic Year:

Project Guide:

Prof. Richa Jain
Thakur College of Science and Commerce

Submission date:


I, Akshay Trivedi student of Thakur College Of Science And Commerce hereby declare that I have completed this project, as part of T.Y.BMS (Semester5) project work in the academic year 2012- 2013 on ‘Trends in Jewellery Industry with Focus on Branding’.

The information submitted is true and original to the best of my knowledge.


( Akshay Trivedi )


I, Prof Richa Jain hereby certify that Mr. Akshay Trivedi student of

THAKUR COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND COMMERCE has completed this project on

Trends in Jewellery Industry with focus on branding as part of his T.Y.BMS

(Semester 5) project work in the academic year 2012– 2013.

The information submitted is true and original to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of theSignature of the
Project CoordinatorPrincipal of college


It is times like these when I totally disagree with one who says move on, never look back; leave the past behind. I must move on but not without a pause to thank all those who helped me to make this project what it is.

I would like to thank Prof. Richa Jain for all his support and guidance. It is my privilege to have a course coordinator who has helped me at every stage in the completion of this project.

I would also like to thank the eminent personalities in the jewellery industry who have helped me at every stage in completion of my project: ➢ Shri. Ajit Shah
Director – Suashish Diam Pvt. Ltd

➢ Shri Deepak Bhatia
Area manager – West Diamond trading Company

➢ Shri V. Govindraj
Divisional manager- Tanishq

➢ Shri Dharmesh Sodah
Manager - D’Damas

➢ Shri Rahul C.
Marketing Head – Trendsmith

A report is not a report without readers. I think the same applies for my document and I hope you appreciate my efforts.

Executive Summary

This report is an effort in my completion of my final project for BMS V th semester. My project report covers primary and desk research encompassing a whole world of information.

The main objective of the report is to get in-depth knowledge about the industry. This is a comprehensive report on the jewellery industry covering various aspects of the industry but focusing mainly on diamond jewellery, as the concept of diamond jewellery is fast gaining ground in the Indian market. India is a major contributor (95 %) in the cut and polished diamond market and India cannot expand further in this so it has to find new arenas and one such field is the diamond jewellery, which it has not made any impact as it contributes only (2 %). So there is a big market for Indians to explore, opportunities exist which needs to be trapped.

Diamond majors such as De Beers (DTC) are playing an important role in this area so that India, which is a major cutting and polishing center, develops into a jewellery market and increase its contribution in the global market. The report covers DTC (Diamond Trading Company’s) initiative taken by them to create awareness about diamond jewellery and promote sales through the brands and collection launched by them.

The market research was conducted to find out the customers response to the number of brands launched their buying habits and what do they prefer in a jewellery piece which they buy. The retailer’s response was also taken regarding the brands entering the market and how branding has helped them to boost sales or it has not helped them. Basically to study about the response that the customers and retailers have given to brands the research was conducted. The findings of...
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