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Mobile computing is beginning to break the chains that tie us to our desks, but many of today's mobile devices can still be a bit awkward to carry around. In the next age of computing, there will be an explosion of computer parts across our bodies, rather than across our desktops. Basically, jewellery adorns the body, and has very little practical purpose. The combination of microcomputer devices and increasing computer power has allowed several companies to begin producing fashion jewellery with embedded intelligence i.e., Digital jewelry. Digital jewellery can best be defined as wireless, wearable computers

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that allow you to communicate by ways of e-mail, voicemail, and voice communication. This paper enlightens on how various computerized jewelry (like ear-rings, necklace, ring, bracelet, etc.,) will work with mobile embedded intelligence. Even the devices we use are protected by passwords. It can be frustrating trying to keep with all of the passwords and keys needed to access any door or computer program. This paper discusses about a new Java-based, computerized ring that will automatically unlock doors and log on to computers.

The latest computer craze has been to be able to wear wireless computers. The Computer Fashion Wave, "Digital Jewellery" looks to be the next sizzling fashion trend of the technological wave. The combination of shrinking computer devices and increasing computer power has allowed several companies to begin producing fashion jewellery with embedded intelligence. The whole concept behind this is to be able to communicate to others by means of wireless appliances. The other key factor of this concept market is to stay fashionable at the same time. By the end of the decade, we could be wearing our computers instead of sitting in front of them.


Digital jewelry is the fashion jewelry with embedded intelligence. “Digital jewelry” can help you solve problems like forgotten passwords and security badges. “Digital jewelry” is a nascent catchphrase for wearable ID devices that contain personal information

like passwords, identification, and account information. They have the potential to be all-in-one replacements for your driver’s license, key chain, business cards, credit cards, health insurance card, corporate security badge, and loose cash. They can also solve a common dilemma of today’s wired world – the forgotten password. 2.1. DIGITAL JEWELLERY AND ITS COMPONENTS

Soon, cell phones will take a totally new form, appearing to have no form at all. Instead of one single device, cell phones will be broken up into their basic components and packaged as various pieces of digital jewellery. Each piece of jewellery will contain a fraction of the components found in a conventional mobile phone. Together, the digital-jewellery cell phone should work just like a conventional cell phone. The various components that are inside a cell phone: Microphone, Receiver, Touch pad, Display, Circuit board, Antenna, and Battery. IBM has developed a prototype of a cell phone that consists of several pieces of digital jewellery that will work together wirelessly, possibly with Blue tooth wireless technology, to perform the functions of the above components.


Cell phones may one day be comprised of digital accessories that Work together through wireless connections.

Here are the pieces of computerized-jewelry phone and their functions: • Earrings - Speakers embedded into these earrings will be the phone's receiver. • Necklace - Users will talk into the necklace's embedded microphone. • Ring - Perhaps the most interesting piece of the phone,...

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