Trends in Education
Topics: Higher education, Education / Pages: 2 (300 words) / Published: Feb 27th, 2012

1) One of the main trends in education is globalization, which is the main force that changes the world today. The process of globalization covers all the national education systems. Higher education is undergoing a serious transformation because of the direct and indirect impact of global trends.
The increase of competition in different directions is a factor of globalization that describes the modern development of the global education market. The competition between state universities and alternative institutions of higher learning such as virtual, corporate educational associations, which are private, is growing. The struggle for students between institutions in the country and across countries is increasing.
2) Another important trend that have taken place in the last few decades is the growth of universities in the developing countries. The number of universities in Africa, Asia and Latin America has been significantly increased. Despite the increase of the number of institutions of higher education, developing countries cannot compete with universities in developed countries.
3) The distribution of foreign students in training programs in developed countries is another important trend in the global education market. Add
4) The development of the global education market is predetermined by the development of information technology (IT) and telecommunications. Prospects for the use of innovative technologies in education are limitless. Modern technologies provide enormous opportunities of the collection, processing and transmission of data. They allow one to cut the costs of educating students. There is a replacing paper with electronic media; training and library materials are moved to the on-line. Thanks to IT the access to higher education expands. The system of distance education is developing; virtual universities are creating. Information technology, in fact, is the engine of domestic and foreign universities and contributes to the

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