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Basic Skills Assessment: College

By NasonMendez1 Nov 30, 2013 301 Words
1. Who attends colleges, universities, and other forms of post-secondary education in developing countries? Wealthy alliet 2. What percent of children in developing countries are enrolled in secondary education? 50 3. aWanda has a high school diploma and is currently working as a waitress but is attending school in hopes of becoming a pediatrician. Her current socioeconomic status is likely ____; however, when she becomes an established pediatrician, her socioeconomic status will be ____. Low high 4. Which of the following is an indicator of the Upper Paleolithic period in human evolutionary history? Humans began to burry their dead 5. Over the last 100,000 years, Homo sapiens have ___ biologically and have ____ socially. Very little, very dramatic 6. Nearly all of the population growth in the decades to come will take place in ____. Developing countries 7. how much larger was the size of early Homo's brain compared to the brains of earlier hominids? 200% 8. it is believed that Homo sapiens survived and evolved in comparison to other species from the Homo family because ..the brain was 30% bigger 9. in ____, the young of any species are born with variations on a wide range of characteristics. Among the young, those who will be ____ until they can reproduce will be the ones whose variations are best adapted to their environment. Natural selection/most likely to survive 10. Developed countries roughly make up ____ of the world's population, whereas, developing countries make up ____. 18,82 11. Why was walking on two legs a useful adaptation? Carrying things 12. ____ is characterized by cities, written language, specialization of work, and differences among people with wealth and status. Civilization 13. Which of the following best describes how the scientific community views Darwin's proposal of evolution? Enormous amount of evidence 14. developed countries can be viewed as ____, whereas, developing countries can be seen as ____. wealthy; populated 15. According to the text, for most of history the total human population was under ______. 10 million

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