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2. Which of the following countries is least urbanized? # of people less or more - % , fewer or ... #s a) the United States
b) Australia
c) Japan
d) China.

17. The relative location of a city refers to its
a) site.
b) situation.
c) genealogy of development.
d) approximate latitude and longitude.
-factory help cities to develop, Maquiladors (closer to the market, relative = situation)

-site features (labor, capital, ) land? getting factories which help city devt

18. The manufacturing city first emerged in
a) the British Midlands.
b) central Italy.
c) the French coastal region.
d) the Ruhr.
England was the first to industrialize, first urban society, demo trans,

19. Which is not related to urbanization processes of the second urban revolution? a) urbanization of society
b) second agricultural revolution
c) energy resources (water power, coal) as a site feature
d) cities as theocratic centers
all of the 2s go together

20. In a model urban hierarchy, the population of a city, town or village is inversely proportional to its rank in the system (i.e. if the largest city is 4 million the second will be 2 million or 1/2 , the third will be 1/3 and so on). This is known as a) central place theory.** planned

b) rank-size rule.
c) trade area ordering.
d) a statistical coincidence.

rank-size rule - even development - exception MDC London or Paris (America) primate - definition strict less than 1/2 is it (more complex) - CPT central place theory - where would an edge city go - assumptions

REPHRASE 21. A hinterland reveals the _________ of each settlement. a) total population
b) working population
c) economic reach
d) aggregate purchasing power
Central Place Theory - define parts - placement of cities by size large versus small - market area

22. Paris and Mexico City are many times larger than the second-ranked city in their respective countries. Their disproportionate size illustrates a) the concept of the primate city.
b) the fact that capital cities are always very large.
c) the rank-size rule.
d) the effects of suburbanization.

Brazil rank-size rule - even development Latin America model

24. In Burgess’ concentric zone model, the zone of transition became a) a suburb.
b) deteriorated with more CBD encroachment.
c) a working class area.
d) a gentrified upscale new urban neighborhood

bid land rent and von thunen

Burgess model 1920s - how that influences residences - older model - industry - transportation sectors centralization - Burgess model, sector, multiple nuclei

1920s concentric, 1930s sector, 1940s multiple nuclei, 50s – now sprawl, 50s peripheral, 1980s urban realms and edge cities, late 80s to 90s new urbanism

White flight 50’s -1960s
Parts of the models

26. The multiple nuclei model of urban structure developed by Harris and Ullman arose from the idea that _______ was losing its dominant position in the metropolitan city. a) the CBD
b) the inner city
c) public transportation
d) the suburb

nodes, rings and corridors

29. After 1970, new suburban downtowns (edge cities) were spawned in the outer city of Los Angeles, with their leading concentrations a) near key freeway intersections.
b) along the coast.
c) near hubs of public transportation.
d) at the approaches to key bridges.

Edge cities malls, highways, built up suburb, more people during the day than the night, office and retail space, still not as high density as a city (think Schaumburg and skyscrapers with parking lots)

34. Which of the following is both the least urbanized and the most rapidly urbanizing realm of the world? a) Middle America
b) Africa south of the Sahara
c) East Asia
d) South Asia

African city model - ask you what is not there

40. If cities in the poorer parts of the world share a common characteristic, it may result from an absence of enforced zoning regulations. Shantytowns
-lack of amenities and irregular...
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