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Traveling is one of the majority hobbies of people. Why a lot of people so like to travel? Everything is simple when the person travels, he learns world around. There are a lot of types of tourism such as ecotourism, mass tourism, package tour and independent travel. The majority of people like to travel and in order to make a trip abroad we go to travel agency. In travel agency we are met by the tourist agent, who helps us plan holidays and make travel arrangements. We have to take with ourselves the passport, the visa and the most necessary things. After that we go to the airport and check in. In the ticket-office you can choose of existing classification: coach class, business class or first class. Then when you choose suitable classification of flight our baggage takes away the airports’ personnel and embarks them in special compartment. We pass in the plane and we take off to the appointed place. Nowadays, most of youth arrives to the different countries in order to work and to get high salaries. Several months of work later in other countries people want to remain and to live there. Such people like they called migrants that is persons who displace from one country to other place. But some people to migrate illegal. They called refugees and persona non grata. If this people to break laws they will be deported or repatriated. In conclude, I want that people travel only to have a rest and thus never to remain to live in others country and always followed laws.

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