Countries are becoming similar. What are causes, and in your view, what are advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

Topics: Culture, The Culture, Nation Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: October 21, 2013
The world is flatter. Some people think that there is nothing to discover anymore in this modern world while others think that this trend is conducive to saving people’s money in traveling. My essay will shed light on reasons, pros and cons of this trend

There are some factors making our world homogeneous. As a result of the booming in technology, people are instantly connected no matter where they are and discover the world of culture at ease through the window of internet. Besides, when businessmen have tried to expand their market ceaselessly, their products appear ubiquitous to the point that people from different walks are somehow affected. For instance, only in Vietnam can you consume global reputed products such as KFC, Toyota and other international products, which results in rising cultural similarities between countries. Historical invasion, though having gone, still leave cultural footprints around the world and renders nations to be the same in culture. Through Vietnam, again, it is well seen with the image of French cuisine or Chinese architecture after these nations invaded Vietnam years ago.

Advantages and disadvantages are noticeable. On one hand, this trend reduces people’s expense for travelling since they find that there is no urge to go somewhere to explore the world. I n addition, developing and poor nations whose culture is backward learn good quintessence from other countries to become more civilized and richer. Since people speak the same cultural code, mutual understanding might be nurtured and religious or war conflicts inevitably happen less. However, would the world be as exciting as we imagine when things around turn similar? Furthermore, no sooner have countries imitated cultures of each other than tourism is the industry suffering most. The need to enrich knowledge, learn the differences and respect these is stifled. To some extent, people’s privacy of a specific nation is put in danger, since their...
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