Travel Broadens the Mind

Topics: Mind, Travel, The Culture Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Travel broadens the mindTravel Broadens the Mind
Our world is a mixture of people, places, things built by people or by nature. It is fascinating that it is possible to discover each and every corners of the world. First of all, I would like to say that travelling is becoming more and more popular nowadays. People travel during holidays more frequently than before, some jobs also require people to travel abroad. To travel means to discover. Discover new and unknown facts and images. Some people say there is no difference between visiting a place and reading about it. But imagine the feeling when you read about the beauty of a particular place compared to the one when you are there, witnessing the beauty of it. To travel also means to communicate. To meet new people with different personalities and perspective. They show you their views on life, their likes and dislikes, their preferences, etc. Traveling enables you to become aware of differences in lifestyle - whether they are regional or national - and to learn how different people interact and generally what they base their ideas on. Traveling lets people explore their own customs and way of life, and appreciate their countries' history and traditions. Traveling introduces new ideas that can change your opinions on different topics and help you to become more open minded about things you would normally disapprove of, such as exploring different political situations in countries you visit. Travel also teaches you independence, because it allows you to escape the familiar surroundings of home and stay in a strange or alien place. Additionally, our minds are broadened by the simple absorption of information, images, memories, etc. Travel allows us to experience new things as well as new sides to ourselves. We might see something new in ourselves or discover new interests. On the contrary, travelling doesn’t always necessarily broaden our mind. not everyone can feel comfortable after traveling. People can’t...
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