Travel Agency

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Chapter 1
* Objectives of the studies
* Methodology
* Significance of the studies
* Scope of the study
* Chapterisation
Review of Travel Agency
* Product of a Travel Agency
* Activities of a Travel Agency
* Department of a Travel Agency
* Principles of a Travel Agency
* Right and Duties of a Travel Agency
Profile of Madura Travels
* Profile
* History
* Organization chart
* Computer and Reservation system
* International sector
* Domestic section
* Visa
* Passport
* Western Union

On the job Training
* Front office
* Documentation section
* Foreign exchange
* Booking and reservations
* Package tour
Finding suggestion and Conclusion
* Finding
* Suggestion
* Conclusions
* Reference
* Annexure

Chapter 1
Although tourism has been a major economic activity in India. The industry’s structure and characteristics have undergone significant changes in the last decades. Similarly to the impact of the political transition the country’s recent accession as also considerably influence the india tourist industry. Since the beginning of the preparation for accession, the country received funds that were allocated to development projects in various field including conference tourism as well as spa and health tourism development. As part of the accession process itself, india the tourism industry gradually adopted the relevent body of legislation in order to be in harmony with the india legal frame work. The present study discusses the major practical and stragic consequence of the india integration process for india tourism, and analysis adoptation measures implimented at national and religion levels. Special consideration is given to the most significant impact to date, notably the expansion of the low cost airline market, and the subsequent changes in the spatial distribution of the country’s tourist supply and demand. Tourism is viewed as a means of achieving both ‘economic and social development and progress’ and that too through the increases in earnings from tourism generated wealth to the tune of US $ 622.7 billion in 2004. The amount goes in trillions when international and domestic tourism are combined. The developed countries are the major beneficiaries of tourism development since the act as major tourist producing markets and covers major majority of the destination. More over, the regulatory mechanism and legal provision in the developed countries have made tourism to serve the interest of the stake holders in tourism. The developing countries are in the process of evolving of such mechanism and provision. The present study is the modest effort to assess and analyze the nature of development of tourism in the developing countries and to explosure the strategies to contain the existing ills in the name of development. Tourism, as provided immediate releif to the communities at the destination but the long term consequences are full of side-effects, these impact are a serious cause of concern for the developing countries. The presence all such concerns in four major sections.

Objectives of the studies
* To known the relationship of the travel agency and tourism industry. * To study the role of travel agency in tourism.
* To familiar with the various department of Madura travels services. * To familiar with the various functions of Madura travels service (p limited. Methodology
The central companies directory (CCD) with reference date 1 January 1997 has been used as the survey framework. The CDD contains information on companies’ main economic activity and on the numbers of employees. This allow stratification by these concepts and provides identifications and location data of the in formatsunit for the correct of information units were chose from the CDD whose main activity corresponded with...
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