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Chapter 1


Hospitality Industry is dynamically growing in the recent years, not only in the number of tourist but also the number of it’s different fields. One of these is the expansion of Travel Agencies. Travel Agency is one of the service intensive industries and indispensible among the tourism business. But what is the specific role of travel agency in the hospitality industry and how does it affect the whole industry.

Travel Agency is defined as a retail business selling travel-related products and services to customers on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, sight-seeing tours and package holidays. When we say Travel Agency they are the one who can assist you in planning your trip or someone has to be responsible with all the preparations you will need. They are responsible for planning, reserving and preparing vacation holiday tours or only transportation and accommodation the travelers need to have. Of course, travel agencies sell product that are related to traveling they also give out great customer service to every client that they will have in order that you will understand the nature of the work. Similarly, you also must have seen people traveling from one place to another by buses, trains, cars, scooters, rickshaws, cycles, etc.

In the past years, the number of travel agency has increased in Malolos, Bulacan. However, there are also increasing number in disputes among the customers and travel agencies regarding service quality. Nowadays, most of travel agencies focus on several ways to increase their service quality in order to increase the level of satisfaction. It is recommended that in order to improve customer satisfaction, human resources professionals should listen to the customers before changing organizational practices.

When travel agencies are able to achieve or exceed the expectations of customer, they will be satisfied with the service. Therefore, globally competitive service travel agency must achieve a quality service that exceeds customer’s expectation.

Background of the Study

There are two registered Travel Agencies and Tour Operators in Malolos, the Heritage Guides of Bulacan which promotes and offers a quality experience of Festivals, Historical Architecture, Scientific Interest and leisure to domestic and international visitors in our province. Their Umbrella Organization Great Malolos conduct tour packages from different types of market. The other one is the Guides ‘R. Us Travel Consultancy Services which offers Heritage Tours. Travel agencies became more commonplace with the development of commercial aviation in Malolos, starting in the 1920s. Travel Agency sales represent over 85% of all the Travel booked world wide. The travel industry relies on Travel Agency's to distribute and promote travel products around the globe directly to the customer. Unfortunately travel agents are dwindling. As more and more people book their vacations and flights online, agents become obsolete. Another thing is a travel agent is supposed to offer impartial travel advice to the customer. However, this function almost disappeared with the mass-market package holiday and some agency chains seemed to develop a 'holiday supermarket' concept, in which customers choose their holiday from brochures on racks and then book it from a counter. Again, a variety of social and economic changes have now contrived to bring this aspect to the fore once more, particularly with the advent of multiple, no-frills, low-cost airlines. The majority of travel agents have felt the need to protect themselves and their clients against the possibilities of commercial failure, either their own or a supplier's. They will advertise the fact that they are surety bonded, meaning in the case of a failure, the customers are guaranteed either an equivalent holiday to that which they have lost or if they prefer, a refund....
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