Trash Or Treasure

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Trash or Treasure
You've got clutter and you know it, piles and piles of unused items. Full of junk in attics and closets, overflowing of papers everywhere, unused items, clothes that are never worn, useless gifts that’s just collecting dust. But the question is why do we keep all of these things? Do they hold a special meaning to us? Do they bring back a lot of memories? What is treasure and what is trash? Trash or clutters are unused things that are piling up and just taking up space. Maybe there are things that we bought and can’t stand the idea of wasting it. But think about it if you’re not using it, it’s a greater “waste” to keep it when someone else could use it. Donate it or give it away its going to take up space anyway. Another example of clutter that can be challenging to some is unwanted gifts. Remember you can still appreciate the thought and effort and value the person regardless if you decided to keep the item or throw it away. Its best to avoid this type of clutter in the future by thoughtfully and politely letting friends and family know that you are doing your best to cut back on the clutter.  

There are things that are worth keeping like an item that has a sentimental meaning behind it. Something that brings back great memory like a yearbook, a trophy or prize you’ve won for something or a gift that a special person gave to you.

Something that is sentimental to you should hold a special meaning, a memory of some sort that you shouldn’t throw way. But sometime we go a little overboard and things start taking up a lot of space then we intended to.

So why don’t you start using those items.
For example if you happen to safe some plates or bowls or cups you can always donate or sell your everyday dishes and start eating off the ones that mean so much. If you have a piece of jewelry that someone gave to you start wearing them. You...
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