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OMGT1062 Transportation and Freight Logistics|
Global Logistics Cities|
* Singapore and Los Angeles|
Group Six Adam Sam (s3281537)Shidian Tang (s3312269)Yue Yang (s3262593)Zemiao Sun (s3260095)Room 080.07.002. Time 7.30-8.30pm.Submission Date of Assignment: 25/09/12| |

This report is designed to provide information about transportation in two of the world’s logistics cities Los Angeles and Singapore. We will be providing a detailed comparison on the separate transport components within the two cities. Based on the information provided we will conduct an analysis and recommend ways to improve the way the currently operate. We will also discuss on how the two cities can learn from each. This report is prepared by group 6 and based on data obtained from industry journals and sources. We found that the two cities faced similar economic and social problems such as congestion, pollution, scarcity, sustainability and economic costs. We offered solutions to these problems such as implementing systems to ease congestion in Los Angeles airport by reducing landing costs in off peak times. These findings will provide significant improvements in how the two cities operate.

Table of Contents
Overview & Comparison of Transportation and Warehousing Industry of Two logistic Cities3
Domestic Transportation3
Comparison of workforce and costs6
Comparison of Road Infrastructure8
Access and condition8
Density and congestion9
Comparison of Railroad infrastructure10
Access and density10
Services and Conditions11
Comparison of Water port infrastructure11
Access and density13
Services and Conditions14
Comparison of Airport infrastructure15
Access and Density16
Services and Conditions18
Discussion & Recommendations18
Group Six Meeting Minutes30
Business Communications – Emails between group members31

The purpose of this report is to compare and contrast the different characteristics of two ports Los Angeles and Singapore. Through our analysis we will be highlighting areas on how each port can learn from the other port. We will be making recommendations on what we believe will deliver viable and efficient outcomes to these two ports. We will cover topics such as warehousing, workforce, road and rail, seaport and airports. This report will focus primarily on the freight and logistics nature of these two locations rather than tourism and passenger information. As highlighted in many studies, the connectivity of a city, especially which is targeted as a logistic city, is one of the most important factors that matter. So we will focus on the connectivity of different transport activities in these two cities when we analyze the characteristics of these two cities.

Los Angeles is a major logistical gateway connecting the eastern countries to the USA. China and Japan are the largest trading partners of the USA and Los Angeles is the major port connecting these countries. Based on the strong growth of trading with China, Los Angeles will continue to benefit from revenue generated from freight and logistics. Singapore is an island, city and nation. Its proximity to China and the rest of the world have led Singapore to be one of the busiest transshipment hubs in the world. Singapore is a tiny island and has an area of 693 km km² compared to that of Japan at 377,900 km². With the population of approximately 5 million Singapore faces challenges with congestion and sustainability. It has a high reliance on freight and logistics which contributes approximately 10% of the country’s GDP. Overview & Comparison of Transportation and Warehousing Industry of Two logistic Cities Domestic...

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Date: Sep 8, 2012 5:49 PM
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