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MRT advantages and disadvantages
The MRT is opened in 1987 and now, it is going to fully operate 9 lines, North-South, East-West, North-East, Circle line, including the under-constructing Downtown line, and the under-planning Thomson line Eastern and Jurong lines and also Cross Island line by an estimated 2030, which all these operated lines are going to connect almost the whole of Singapore so as to extend its operating systems and increase its accessibility to all Singaporeans such as the students and also the workforce. However, it is also facing challenges such as the major service disruption in 2011, which affected many commuters in Singapore and many were dissatisfied with its services, claiming that those disruptions were not one of the first few, following minor disruptions in the earlier years. So, the MRT is conducting maintenance works, and also installing timber sleepers now but that is going to not be enough as accidents or disruptions will still happen, hence concluding that MRT definitely will have advantages with disadvantages. Advantages

- The travel time taken by MRT to our own destination is generally much shorter than other means of public transport such as buses and taxis. This is due to its fast speeds and also increased accessibility to all places. - It can take up more commuters at one go than other public transport, so this can increase the rate at which commuters are transported, so all the commuters can enjoy fast rides. - The frequency of an MRT train is not long, ranging from a min to a maximum 5 or 6 minutes unlike that of buses which range from 5 minutes to 20 or more minutes. So, the MRT can provide faster rides for the commuters too. -The cost of an MRT is not that expensive, as compared to Taxis. The prices of a MRT transport is 45 cents for children to about a dollar for adults but the basic fare of a taxi is already $3.00-$3.40 and also a waiting time fare, which charges and additional $0.22 for every 45 seconds. To make...
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