Mass Transit System and Its Impact on Private Vehicle Numbers on the Road

Topics: Public transport, Rapid transit, Delhi Metro Pages: 8 (2639 words) Published: March 5, 2010
Problem of Study
How has the introduction of a Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) like Delhi Metro, affected the car buying behaviour of resident commuters? Report Summaries
Evaluation of Public Transport Systems: Case Study of Delhi Metro: Tiwari G., _Associate Professor for Transport Planning, Advani M., Research Scholar, Transportation Research and Injury prevention Programme, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi_ The case study analyses the methodology and arguments used to justify the investments made in Mass Rapid Transit Systems (MRTS) which have been promoted to arrest the increasing trend of traffic congestion, air pollution and traffic accidents due to the growing number of vehicular trips by cars and two wheelers. The case study presents evaluation of Delhi metro in terms of capacity, travel time and accessibility to the system and evaluation indices reflecting commuter’s perspective. The case study is structured as follows:

Urban transport
Delhi metro
Chennai metro
Kolkata metro
Evaluation criteria
{text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} Initial & maintenance cost
Who will use the metro
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The authors begin by examining the deteriorating transport situation in most Indian metropolitan cities because of increasing travel demand and inadequate transportation system. Then the authors pick and analyse the MRTS in three metropolises of India individually, comparing the length, carrying capacity, development cost and the extent to which they meet the traffic demand. The case study then goes on to evaluate the respective MRTSs over selected evaluation criteria like influence zone, feeder service & integrated ticketing, luggage and parking, in the light of the fact that both Kolkata and Chennai metros have not performed as per expectations. The case study also studies the construction, development and maintenance costs of the metro by evaluating DMRC statements, which were published in different newspapers articles. DMRC officials used these statements for justifying and highlighting the benefits of metro system, highlighting the importance of analysing these statements. The analysis questions the basis of benefit assessment methodology for metro. The authors also closely look at other important issues which should be considered while evaluating and comparing services provided by metros and buses like flexibility, convenience to reach stop/station and speed (which is a direct measure of travel-time). After analysing the consumer segment that the MRTSs will target, the authors conclude that although metro systems have been planned to reduce congestion on the roads, however, systems planned in India show cost overrunning and under utilisation of capacity, stating that high capacity system do not necessarily generate high demand. Estimation of passenger demand for transit services should also consider complete journey of commuters including access time. Transport & Land-use Policies in Delhi: Tiwari G., _Associate Professor for Transport Planning, Transportation Research and Injury prevention Programme, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi_ The report is structured as follows:

Historical patterns and trends
Land use and spatial distribution
Traffic patterns
Mobility patterns
Transport land-use relation
Health impacts
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The report primarily focuses on the adverse impact on urban quality of life by the current transportation policies in mega-cities, focusing chiefly on Delhi. The report captures patterns in formulation of transportation policies starting from the time of foundation of the Delhi Municipal Committee in 1874 when planned development of the city was first attempted. The...
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