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Transitions in Children and Young People
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Transitions are any significant stage or experience in the life of a child or young person that can affect behaviour and development.
Types of transitions:
Emotional - personal experiences such as parent's separating, bereavement, beginning or leaving a place of care.
• Physical - change in environments
• Intellectual - maturation, moving from one educational establishment to another.
• Physiological – puberty or medical conditions
Effects of transitions of young people and children
Bereavement: may involve sadness, depression, loss of self worth, value and direction in life. Supportive relationships can provide consistency in the knowledge that talking, communicating in ways that help a child come to terms with that sense of loss is healthy - bereavement

• Moving home/area/country
• Moving away from home
• Starting a new college or university
• Change in family structure: eg. Parents separating - divorce, new siblings, new step parent, step children, new baby
• Abuse - physical, emotional, sexual, neglect
• Bullying
• Significant illness or disability

Children and young people examples of transition:
• Starting nursery
• Illness of a member of the family
• Changing friends
• Starting primary school
• Death of a family member
• Coming out as lesbian or gay
• Starting secondary school
• Separation from parents
• Diagnosis of Illness
• Changing school
• New siblings
• Diagnosis of disability
• Moving house
• Moving through year groups
• Puberty
• New step-parents
• Entering care
• Foster parents
• First exams
• First sexual experience
• Living in a new country
• Change of class teacher
• Change of head teacher
• Movement around school
• Transitions within classes
• Supply teacher
• Living with the illness of a family member

Transitions experienced by most children and young people

 Moving away
 Leaving friends
 Friends moving away
 Puberty
 Starting a new school
 Moving from Juniors to High School

Transitions experienced by some children or young people

 Illness
 Divorce
 New siblings
 New step parent
 Step children
 Bereavement
 New baby

The possible feelings transitions can cause

Negative feelings

 Anxiety
 Nervous
 Embarrassed
 Upset
 Jealousy
 Confused
 Frustrated

Positive feelings
 Contented
 Excited
 Boost self esteem
 Proud

Affect of transitions on children and young people’s development

 Shyness
 Becoming withdrawn
 Being argumentative with parents/carers
 Being anxious
 Unusual behaviour
 Being dismissive these are all different types of transitions children may go through throughout life

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