transformation of british life

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This book has been written by Andrew S. Rosen, who has been named president of Kaplan, Inc., a leading provider of educational services to individuals, schools and businesses.
The author has chosen his title carefully: British life in the second half of the twentieth century was transformed but not changed.
The book talks about some aspects as life, transport and other, like customs. The religion, for example. There was a division of that. On the one hand, there are Christians. On the other hand, there are non-Christians, as Jews, who their denominations experienced more or less similar declines, as did Christians. Also Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs, increased number of devout. The Protestant churches received a lot of Presbyterians’ pilgrims.
Another aspect that has changed a lot over the years is the concept of marriage. It is one of the most important social function in religion, but, over time, the mentality of the people change, and are increasingly less concerned with marriage, because people have stopped believing that a role remains to a couple united by and each day, couples seeking divorce. Before, the young girls married with old man because they had no option but to be married to leave home of their parents and have children. Today, couples have children unmarried. This aspect has been influenced by education and by working women.
Rosen speaks about ethnic minorities, although it is related with immigration. The study established ethnic minorities makes manifest ethnic, demographic, socio-economic and cultural and even space of its population, all of which constitutes a very important component they representative of the new company being set up in areas European urban areas as a result of immigration.
Leer fonéticamenteTrade unions have been another institution in decline. The origin of the decline was the post-war nationalization. Also, must be added

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