In what way did post war prosperity bring social change to Britain 1951-1964?

Topics: Sociology, Social class, World War II Pages: 4 (1326 words) Published: January 15, 2014
In what way did post war prosperity bring social change to Britain 1951-1964? Britain as a country in the year 1951 stood as a country widely effected by the Second World War and the country reflected visible damage which the war had caused. Many young men were on the National Service, rationing was only just coming to an end and also social life in Britain felt like it was in the past. However some felt that the year 1951 was a year of change, they felt as if they were on the way to a new modern world which presented technological and social progress, Children who were born during the “baby boom” were born into a different society to which their parents grew up in. Leading up to the year 1964 there were many social tensions, changes in attitudes and significant shifts i population which can identify how Britain’s society had changed dramatically. After 1951 you could say Britain experienced a “demographic change” . Birth rates ran consistently against death rates, an explanation for this could be the advances in medical treatments which improved under the influence of the welfare state this then led to an increase standard of nutrition and hygiene. Another factor which could contribute to the demographic change was the increase of inward migration , in the year 1948 around 250,000 immigrants arrived in Britain from the West Indies Particularly those from the common wealth had become a vital part of British society, and in the process, transformed important aspects of British life although it eventually led to overpopulation, and immigration caused racial tension and segregation for example the Nottingham riots. Britain encouraged immigrants to come to the “mother land” to help recover from the ravages of war however this caused racial tension between the immigrants and the British, the tension was more apparent as the lack of housing became a problem as did the competition for jobs. The increase of immigrants led to less scopes for jobs as did the fact people...
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