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The ultimate goal of human resource management is to positively impact organizational performance by providing employment security, training and effective communication. Human Resource management is concerned with the need of the organization as well as with the need of its people. HR professionals help prepare the organization to achieve its emerging strategic goals. All HR functions are to be linked to the corporate objective strategy of the organization.1 HRM is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training. Effective HRM enables employees to contribute effectively and productively to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of the organization's goals and objectives.2 Strategic HRM works to meet the needs of the business and management (rather than just serve the interests of employees); to link human resource strategies / policies to the business goals and objectives; to find ways for human resources to "add value" to a business and to help a business gain the commitment of employees to its values, goals and objectives.3 Efficient Training and Development must be given a strategic platform. It is based up rather than separated from other aspects of HR strategies like structure, culture, manpower planning, appraisal, recruitment and reward strategies. Training and Development is a combined role often called Human Resources Development (HRD), meaning the development of “human” resources to remain competitive in the marketplace. Training focuses on doing activities today to develop employees for their current jobs and development is preparing employees for future roles and responsibilities.4 The HR Training is a definite as a part of the HR Development. The HR Training Program has to be clearly linked with other important HR components as HR Strategy, HR Planning and HR Development as the HR team cannot be trained in different skills and competencies from that requested by the HR Strategy. The HR Training Program cannot exist like a single activity with no direct link to the real job of Human Resources in the organization. The HR Training Program is the main training and development activity of the HR team apart from other minor tasks. The HR Training helps to connect the real job of HR staff with the HR Strategy as the output of HR is visible and clearly recognized by the organization. In fact designs of HR Training Program are unique to every company as it has to be tightly connected with the HR Strategy. Performance Management is a systematic process where the organisation involves its employees in improving organisational effectiveness by focusing them on achieving the organisation's mission and strategic goals. Performance Management improve planning, coaching and reviews.5 An important aspect of strategic human resource management is employee development. This process begins when a company is recruiting and interviewing prospective employees. Development gives employees the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes that help themselves to achieve personal objectives.6 In fact the HR development is the least strategic as it is related to the personal Development of the individual member of HR. Through development both employees and organisations gain as employees add skills and knowledge while learning organisations gain from more competitive workers. The HR Development is an investment which is to be done in detail focusing on the gains to Human Resources and the organisation. The HR Development has the aim to improve the performance and preparation of the HR staff to the challenges coming in the future. The HR people are to analyse the current situations and identify gaps that are to be improved to ensure better customer satisfaction. The HR Training Program and the HR Development are closely...
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