Traffic Signal

Topics: Personal computer, Serial port, Traffic light Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Vehicle Density based Traffic Signal Light

There has been a need to automatically control things from a distance depending on a certain timing logic. In recent past there had been many instances of accidents on the roads, at the crossings near the colonies for the fact that there were no streetlights ON in the night when the visibility of the driver is poor. Even at the junctions such as T-junction, Y-junctions or circle we should be able to distribute the traffic in such way that the traffic management should be balanced.

To overcome this problem we are designing a system, which can control the traffic according to the density of vehicles. A Micro-Controller and a Personal Computer in which all timing related details are fed to the PC and then the control signals are passed to a 89C51 based board which in-turn controls the various lights.

This project of ours features Bi-Directional flow of information from and to the Base Station. Sensors are connected to the Micro controller, which sends the information as to which path should be open. According to the vehicle density information corresponding signal lights should glow to pass the traffic. Thus vehicle density based traffic signal is indispensable for accurate services. Standing at the signal for long duration consumes more petrol and time. The aim of this project is to save time, save money and petrol and make the traffic management accurate. The sensors used can be of the IR / LASER type for the Through Beam type sensor or Inductive type Metal sensors.

This project will also employ a remote control in the hands of the traffic policeman to override any of the signals being chosen by the PC by default. The Transmitters work on 433 MHz Carrier Frequency and our model will employ one set of Transmitter and Receivers, for the information transfer. The front End will be made in Visual Basic and using the Serial or the...
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