Traffic Signal

Topics: Murder, Death, Traffic Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: January 31, 2015
Description about crime scene.
Who had died?
Investigation process of the police catching the killer.
Who was the killer?

The Traffic Light

17 th October’s night,it was the night that no one could forget.It was a silent and dark night.Almostnothing could be seen on the streets.The only thing that could be seen was a red light glowing from a traffic signal and the dead body of Mr. Duncan.That red light was entirely engulfed by blood. Mr. Duncan was the Mayor of Springfield.He was a hero in everyone’s eyes of Springfield as he had improved springfield a lot . He was the one who had emancipated Springfield from the corrupted government.He also reduced the crime in Springfield by introducing new laws and revamping the judicious system.Mr Duncan had made some important changes for springfield which improved it ,so he was extremely crucial for the well bieng of the city. The police found the dead body on 18th October at 5 am.When Mr Ducan’s death had spread across the news, the S.P.D realised that no one in their department was good enough to take charge and solve the murder.So Blake Cross from the N.Y.P.D was called to solve the case.Blake had a great reputation of solving difficult cases, once he solved a case with just a parking ticket!This time he had a lot of pressure on him as he was investigating the case of the Mayor. When Blake started searching the crime scene he found an asthama inhaler,so he suspected it had the murderer’s fingerprints ,then he send the asthama inhaler to the forensic department to see if there were any prints.The lab found the prints of Ben scohn,he was of the opposition party of Springfield.Ben also fit as a classic murder suspect as he was Mr Duncans nemesis.He also threatened to kill him a month ago.When the police went to interrogate Ben ,they found that he had a perfect alibi.He said that he was at his frient Scotty Jame’s house.The police checked with Scotty and he confirmed that they both were at his...
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