Traffic Jam in Bangladesh

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What is Traffic jam?

A traffic jam is a long line of vehicles that cannot move forward because there is too much traffic, or because the road is blocked by something.

The major factor behind traffic Jam in Bangladesh:
There are many reasons behind traffic jam in Bangladesh. Among them some major factors are as follows:

➢ Undisciplined traffic signal in the road.
➢ Indiscipline among the road user.
➢ Might is right, everybody are free to park their vehicle on Road. ➢ No knowledge of traffic rules which encourage violating the rules. ➢ Enforcement of rules by dishonest persons who are busy in collection of illegal money from traffic rules violators. ➢ Heavy numbers of vehicle on roads.

Traffic Jam and its reason at glance in Bangladesh

Traffic jam is a common phenomenon in our country especially in Dhaka city, one of the mega cities in the world. It is not a problem now-a-days rather it is more than a problem because problem has some solutions that traffic jam has not. Time is the most valuable things in the twenty first centaury no doubt. And traffic jam is killing the most productive time of the people of Dhaka city. Time is going on and on and we are lagging behind. The world is becoming speedy where as we are becoming slower. It is a common scenario that in morning and evening the jam becomes bad to worse. Student pressure is another vital reason for traffic jam because kindergartens, schools, private universities and coaching centers are growing like tadpole in Dhaka city. In the morning, the guardian of a child is using private car for going to its educational institution. We see thousands of private cars are being used only for this purpose and creating a huge jam. But if a school or college ensures bus for the students and stuff, this pressure will be lessened. Like this big organizations with a huge stuff or workers may use its own buss for stuff. Although this big problem has a great effect on our social life and national economy, No government has been seen to take a major project to update it. moreover as we know neccesity knows no laws and for this most of the casses people are going for breaking traffic signals.

Traffic Signal

A power-operated traffic control device by which traffic is regulated, warned, or alternately directed to take specific actions.

Why is traffic signal a big factor for traffic jam in Bangladesh? Faulty traffic signaling systems, inadequate manpower and narrow road spaces and overtaking tendency of drivers create pro-longed traffic congestions and intensify sufferings of commuters keeping people motionless as well as creating suffocating condition in the streets.VIP protocol maintaining is another reason for frequent traffic jams in the streets and divider problem in the city’s different important roads also causes congestion. Besides, illegal cars parking, and unplanned road excavating on the same road by WASA, DESA, and telephone and telegraph agencies without any integration among them, are responsible for intolerable traffic jams.

Around 70 traffic signals go on the blink in the capital every day, leading to massive traffic snarls. And motorists may have to sweat it out for at least three more months as new contracts for maintaining these signals will not come into force before that.

The firms that win the bids will have to bring in new technology and up gradation systems and will face stiff penalties if they fail, said by the experts.

There are around 725 traffic signals and 435 blinkers in the capital, of which 350 are being maintained and serviced by the firms, have done so for 20 years.

Their performance has not been up to the mark. They have not been able to manage the existing signals. We are in the process of replacing them and for that bids needed.

Traffic signals regularly go on the blink because of power failure, water logging and construction work.

Steps taken by government to control traffic jam:
The newly...
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