Traffic jam

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Name : Mounata Monsur
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Causes and Effects essay
Topic: Traffic Jam
Bangladesh is a densely populated country. . Like other countries in the world, Bangladesh has also been experiencing in-tense traffic problem which is increasing day by day. It is becoming one of the most intolerable and burning issues for the country. Traffic congestion is a common occurrence almost in all the cities of Bangladesh. Among the major urban cities like Dhaka , Chittagong, Khulna and Rajshahi especially the Dhaka city is now facing serious traffic problem along with many other problems like sewage , electricity etc. Due traffic jam many problems are faced by the citizen of the country. The consumption of fuel has increased as people have to sit idle in their cars during the congestion. People have to wait hours in the congestion so their time is wasted. Moreover, this congestion is also responsible for polluting the environment. We know the effects of traffic but we should also know the causes behind it, in order to solve it. Firstly, Bangladesh does not have a strict traffic control systems. Due to that much congestion occurs in different areas. Moreover there is absence of adequate public transport, faulty signalling equipment and poor enforcement of traffic rules. If traffic rules are instructed clearly and strict measures are taken when rules are broken, many people will have an intensive to follow rules and regulation of traffic. As the city is running with inadequate amount of traffic police than required, so it is almost must for the authority to increase the number of traffic police. Only recruitment is not enough, they should be trained up for the betterment of the traffic management. Secondly, the numbers of vehicles are increasing day by day. As population have been increasing, the numbers of vehicles on the roads are also increasing at an...
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