Trading Plan

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In Partial Fulfillment in the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Entrepreneurial Management



This company is a single proprietorship that own by Jhoanna Marcelle C. Oco. It engages in buying scrap materials, especially tetra packs, candy wrappers, biscuits wrappers, any kind of plastics, and old cloth that is not used or cannot be used anymore, to make a new product and be used by our fellow citizens.

Our product is all about stuffed toys, pillows, traveler’s headrest, etc. The materials of these are not made of cotton. Instead of cotton, we make use strips of candy wrappers, biscuit wrappers, tetra packs, etc. We can also use katya in making these products.



Our business is located at 175 kayumanggi St. Barangay Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City. It has the area of 50 sqm. The place is nice and productive, because it is nearby market and has many people living in this place.


Our Mission is to help people especially out of school youths to have jobs and help their families’ every day. Also, to help the youths to stay away from bad things that will harm them.

Our Vision after 5 years is to acquire at least 200 sqm. for warehouse, more machines in doing these products, acquire trucks for mobility and to have a shop all over manila.

*The Company’s mission and vision is to help the country to reduce garbage by recycling and reusing.


. For many smaller businesses, particularly those that have personal interaction with their customers. Often, the interpersonal relationship creates an innate understanding of your customer through the interactions you engage in with the. The trick is to make sure that your business acts on that understanding to engender loyalty.


In our place, there is a small possibility of having a competition. Only few stores are selling these goods and services.


Strength – Our product is unique and it is needed especially for those who love travelling.

Weaknesses – Our product is not yet known to public, unlike other products are known.

Opportunities – To have more customers and I can decide to increase or decrease the price.

Threats – Many will copy my product.


Our product is safe. It is advisable for who are asthmatic people. Our products will not be rotten. It also reduces the dirtyness of our environment. As we all know, plastic is hard to dispose. And most of all it is much cheaper than other regular same products. (




A marketing strategy combines product development, promotion, distribution, pricing, relationship management and other elements; identifies the firm’s marketing goals, and explains how they will be achieved, ideally within a stated timeframe. 

The Customers can request and customized their desired design. We also have a readymade product that they can choose on. And every year we will hold a sale on public.



Initial Investment

- Restoration & Improvements of the shop 18,000

Including: Tables & chairs, office equipments (scissors,

Sewing machine, large basin)

- Businesses Permits (Mayor’s Permit, Barangay Permit) 2,000

- Initial capital 20,000

Total Initial Investment 40,000

Projected sales for the month

Cost of Goods

Traveler’s Pillow

- Half kilos of plastic wrapper strips = 12.50

- Lining Cloth = 7.50

- Cover Cloth = 15.00

- Plastic Wrapper = 2.00

- Labor Cost = 15.00

Total Cost 52.00

Heart-Shaped Throw Pillow...
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