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Trade Union In

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Presentation Outline

Early attempts to form Trade Union

How Trade Union was born in Guyana

Effect of Trade Union on Workers

The Enmore Strike

What is Trade

Early Attempts to form Trade Unions

There was basically four (4)early attempts of forming Trade Unions. These are:

River captains

Laborers and Tradesmen in New Amsterdam


Civil Servants

A Journey to Show Why
Mr.Critchlow is Termed
as the Father of Trade

How Did Trade Union Come About?

When slavery was abolished in 1833 a number of slaves left the estates and reside in nearby villages.

However, many of them stayed on the estate and worked for wages.

They then worked alongside the indentured laborers that was brought to the plantation from India.

In May 1916 the porters strike because they wanted a pay increase.

How Did Trade Union Come About?

By the later part of1917 their was an increase in cost of living.

At this point a petition was signed by Mr. Critchlow and was sent to the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce praying for a reasonable increase in wages.

At that point there was a back and fort confrontation between Mr.Critchlow and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce until they meet an agreement to give the workers a 10% increase in their wages.

How Did Trade Union Come About?

Mr. Critchlow then emerged as the undisputed leader of the group because of his successful representation.

He had successfully managed wage increase for the workers twice in one year.

Hence the first trade union was in its embryo state.

In 1918 the governor met with Mr. Critchlow and it was following this interview that he was imbued with the idea to formally establish a Trade Union.

How Did Trade Union Come About?

He completed the preparatory arrangements with dispatch.

On the 11th January 1919 the British Guiana Labour Union was founded by Mr.Critchlow.

The first Trade Union

The first Trade Union was established on the 11 th January 1919.

The name of the first Trade Union that was formed is the British Guiana Labour Union.

The union was registered in July of 1922.

The British Guiana Labour Union at its formation was a mass organization of workers struggling for immediate objectives such as better wages, and improved working conditions.

The First Trade Union

Its major strength in the first year was between 7000 to 9000 representing workers in both the urban and rural areas.

The Union then represented a variety of workers.

Union Branches was then established in nearly all the villages on the East Coast of Demerara, in West Demerara, on the Essequibo coast and in Berbice.

How did Trade Union Affect the

Unions have a substantial impact on the compensation and work lives of both unionized and nonunionized workers.

Some of the major beneficial effects that a union has on its workers are:

Effect on wages

Fringe benefits

Total compensation

Pay inequality

Workplace Protection

Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining refers to all negotiations which take place between an employer on the one hand and one or more workers organization.

It is about making real gains for workers.

It is not about give and take or giving something up that the Union has already won in exchange for something else.

It is basically about achieving something better than what we have and making real improvements for workers.

Number of sick days per year
• Typically 14 and 21 days
• DDL makes allowance for 21 days

Five (5) functions of a union
• A service function; 
• A representation...
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