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By weirdstuff Apr 26, 2015 492 Words
Julienne Mae S. Marcellana

Write a one-page essay about your play development.

“The inherent purpose of any toy has always been to entertain or occupy a child. But toys are also frequently used in other ways, such as educating children or teaching them about important rituals. No matter their purpose, toys are an important influence on the emotional, mental, and physical development of children.”(Microsoft Encarta 2009)

Toys may vary from dolls, cars, puzzles, construction toys, board games and play sets down to simple materials such as clay, art materials or even just a simple cardboard or box out there. All that functions is our creative imagination or thinking.

Honestly, I cannot remember most of the games I played earlier in life so I asked my mom to narrate to me the things or games I have played with from my infant period up to my pubescent. My mom told me that as an infant I was stirred by musical things such as rattles and mobiles hanging on my crib. I was also stimulated by bright-colored objects. Then when I went into the preschool stage, I became interested with things I can move, manipulate, and operate as if in a surgery. I also learned to play with nature. What I mean with playing with nature is that I made use of resources available at hand and used my imagination to think of them as things that I would be using, in short, to turn them into things that they are not. For example, the leaves of santan would be magically turned into rice or viand in a play called “lutu-lutuan’. I just don’t know if what age did I start playing those kind of games. During my early childhood, I also learned to play with art things. I would usually interrupt my father when he is painting something and he would give me crayons and sometimes even brushes and paint. Maybe because of that, I learned to appreciate and love art. I also learned to play with my voice, either singing or mimicking and doing random sounds.

When I was in elementary, I learned to play chess and scrabble. So that’s the game I play for most of the time. I play chess with my father, cousins or with classmates. On the other hand, scrabble became somewhat a family game for us – it served as bonding time after a hectic schedule. I also learned to play badminton Moving to high school, I became oriented to playing baseball, Tower of Hanoi and Sudoku. I also learned to love solving crosswords and loop-a-word. Chess never went away on my playlist and nowadays I play chess conveniently on the laptop.

Tackling things off, I can say that the things I enjoyed most were playing chess, Tower of Hanoi, badminton and maybe my voice also. And oh!, not to leave the art things like pastels, paints and crayons on my list.

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