Toy Evaluation

Topics: Doll, 2000s music groups, Mattel Pages: 3 (1446 words) Published: March 21, 2013
1. I did my research on toys at Target. What I discovered was that mostly all gender-neutral toys have to do with educational toys and toys for children whose mindset does not see that’s a girl or boy toy. All the gender-neutral toys were colorful, but mostly used green, blue, yellow, and red colors, thus making targeting boys and girls. What I found in the masculine toy section was that mostly all the toys were blue, black, or dark colors. Lots of toys promoted violence like the Nerf guns and Power Ranger toys with their swords and killing the bad guys. They also promoted sports balls and cars only in the boy section when girls can play with these as well. What I found interesting is that they had Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys and in that show they have a girl pirate, but her toy was nowhere to be found. They had dress up things for boys, but they only involved mostly hand accessories, like The Hulk hands and Wreck it Ralph hands, which are used to hit people. Lego toys were mostly all cars, airplanes, and superheroes they did not involve any kind of home making. Another thing the boy section had was a “boy dollhouse”, which was a joker jail for batman to lock up the joker. I like how they make is seems as if it is not a dollhouse. Now the feminine toy section was so bright and pink, no other colors were really used, but pink. Mostly all the toys in this section promoted home making due to the fact that all the baby dolls had accessories such as strollers, swing, carriers, high chair, play pen, bottles, play food. The play food was even in a pink box. Dress up clothes involved full outfits only dresses, crowns, jewelry, high heels, and hairpieces. The Lego toys all involved pink colors and houses with moms, babies, and dad’s hardly any other variation of play. I also found the Bratz dolls to be very interesting and very grown up for little girls. The Bratz dolls were wearing very sexy clothing like very short skirts, shirts, high heels, and make-up. They...
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