Tourism Marketing Development

Topics: Marketing, Tourism, Sustainable tourism Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Tourism Marketing for Sustainable Development
Nowadays, tourism organizations have aggressively continued to encourage everyone to visit a particular region, without considering of how these individuals may behave when they arrive. There is a growing concern for the protection of the environment and the adoption of business policies that will enable to the earth’s resources to be sustained from being demolished by these irresponsible parties like tour operator or such. The levels of marketing, was quite often blamed because of the changes of consumer attitudes, promote a materialistic society where status is derived more from the number and type of destinations we visit and leisure activities we undertake, rather than how good we are as caring members of society. Too many marketing promotions by tourism organizations can harm the potential attraction by high numbers of visitors, who by their very presence alone may damage environmental area. Promoters and developers basically are less concern in promoting tourism as a social activity but tend to consider it as a source of quick financial advantage. Thus, rapid growths in some destinations seem to accelerate the declining stage without holding on to introduction, growth and maturity stages. In addition, implementation of the marketing concept in tourism can be achieved through the use of a variety of marketing tools and techniques such as market segmentation and marketing mix. The successful of market segmentation and targeting will need to involve the appropriate matching of tourist needs with the experience being offered and the need for this match is particularly important (Tregear et al., 1997). Meanwhile, the idea behind the concept of marketing mix is that the market offers itself is just one variable which needs to be considered jointly with several other controllable marketing variables (Kotler, 1994). Hence, to increase the likelihood of success, all elements of the marketing mix need to be in harmony....
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