Torture on Domestic Worker

Topics: Domestic worker Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: May 19, 2012
Torture on domestic worker : an appalling blurry on humen rights

Scenary of torture on domestic worker is appearing frequently by the media now –a-days. Most of the domestic worker in our country are women and children. Normally in a wok there is time limit ,but domestic worker have not such opportunity. They are always ready to serve their employer according to their order. It is found now that they are more vulnerable to violence. Report on media of violence on them by their employer irritate our nerve. National Women Lawyers' Association found that 52 domestic workers were murdered in 2010-2011, and most incidents of torture were not published. In Bangladesh, more than 20 lac people are engaged in domestic work. Among them, 80% are women and children. 18 lac domestic workers are under the age of 15. The High Court has banned employment of children who are less than 12 years as domestic workers.

The government of Bangladesh recognizes the fundamental rights of its worker. These rights include the right of association, right to organize, right to strike, and bargain collectively, right against forced labour, right to acceptable conditions of work. The right to association and right against forced or compulsory are provided for in the Constitution. The others are enshrined in the various labour laws such as the Employment of Labour Act, The Factories Act, and Industrial Labour Relations Ordinance. However, there is no legislation that specifically covers workers in the domestic/household service.

Child domestic workers in Bangladesh are the largest and most open yet invisible form of child labour according to Shoishob, an NGO working with child domestics in Bangladesh. They are subjected to many forms of physical and sexual abuses and exposed to hazardous conditions close to servitude. Generally, they do not receive wages. Many of them are also victims of trafficking who are being forced into bonded labour and domestic work. Employers who...
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