Top Level management functions

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In order for a company to have organizational synergy between the top layer of the corporate structure, made of the Board of Directors or top executives, down to the employees, they must have well-defined functions for top-level management that are carried out in their everyday objectives. By having strong functions that are implemented throughout the workplace aligns the high-level mission statement and the strategic objectives through the corporate structure. If a company’s top-level management can understand the high-level goals and objectives it will help to clearly define the responsibilities of the employees. The main functions of top-level management include planning, organizing, motivating, staffing, and controlling which build the framework to successful and efficient management. These are all important functions to have in unison because the piece together to facilitate strategic focus to the goals of the company. In order to fulfill these functions, top-level management must possess technical skills, conceptual, and interpersonal skills to successfully manage effectively. This is why an organization must have a strong set of functions that are being proficiently being carried out by their top-level management. I. Planning

One of the functions of top-level management is planning for the organization. Some of the benefits that can come from planning include developing policies and setting goals. They must take the high-level strategic goals and start the processes of any changes that need to be made, and bridge between present and future. This will help stay on a strategic plan for the year that will align with the company’s goals. If they have the planning capabilities it will increase the likelihood of achieving desired results. The planning function is also very important because it forecasts what employees need to help achieve for short term and long-term goals. If a CFO did not have a planning function to forecast internal and external financial objectives, it could risk a lot of money for the company and create a lot if internal issues down the road. If top-level management can utilize the ability to plan, it will help achieve strategic objectives. Some of the benefits that can come from planning include developing policies and setting goals. To put this function in to a business perspective, imagine if the CIO of a company did not coordinate with the company’s high-level goals and use them to plan his yearly objectives. Employees would not have well-defined responsibilities, and it would be hard to ensure that his functional department is being efficient and doing what they need to do so that the company can fulfill it’s vision. II. Organizing

Another important function for top-level management that stems from the planning function is organizing. This function’s main purpose is to make sure there is a coordinated effort between what needs to be done, and how to divide up the work that needs to be done so that each group can have a defining task. Some benefits of organizing a department, or the organization as a whole, include delegation of authority, and authority relationships. For example, if a VP has an organized structure in her team, she can delegate tasks to the next level of management to ensure they are keeping their group on task, but also ensuring that the VP has authority and visibility to what all of the different groups are working on. When thinking about organizing functions of top-level management their focus is on the organizational design. Another term used is ‘departmentalization’ meaning the way the company is broken down and the different groups in each department. By establishing an organized corporate structure, you can clearly define job descriptions, group tasks, and ultimately strengthening the span of control. This is important because have an organized environment...
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