The Functions of Stage Management

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The four functions of management can be applied to business, sports teams or stage management to name a few. Stage management can apply to stadium size concerts to small theatrical acts. Planning is a key function that gets the party started. Proper planning leads to the event being organized. An organized show allows for some mistakes that can be solved in a quick and precise manner. The entire act is controlled with proper gain staging and outboard processors. These functions are specific to stage management. ROCK_N ROLL!

Functions of Management
The functions of management are the key concepts for any successful team or group. Management is the key element in any team’s dynamics. Leadership is a skill that not everyone has in his/her skill set; some people are better at being followers or the bass player. There are four basic functions to management, which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Each of these four functions is detrimental to the success or failure to managing. A team that’s lead by a so-called leader that doesn’t understand the four elements or doesn’t abide by them will more than likely be unsuccessful. The leader in a live musical performance is called the Crew Chief. A Crew Chief is responsible for knowing all aspects of the team from lighting to SPL. In smaller productions the leader of team is most commonly called the Front of the House Engineer. The entertainment industry specifically “live Sound” is known as a “live performances” to the general public follow the same basic principles of management as in business. Planning

The planning stages for any event or team oriented function is the most important function in management. Planning keeps the team moving in the right direction towards one common goal or multiple goals. Planning consists of “identifying...

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