Mid-Level Management Responsibilities

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Work Group Project Report
As a mid-level manager at BP, your responsibilities are both unique and important. A mid-level manager oversees employees of the organization and ensures that these employees are working toward the goals of the entire company. Even though a mid-level manager is not as highly touted as CEO or Vice President, this position is very crucial to the overall success of the company.

The obligations of a mid-level manager are to focus, align, support, and build. Focusing the efforts of yourself and your employees so that everyone is working toward a common goal. This goal is relayed from upper management to the mid-level manager. The manager then sets goals and standards of their employees ensuring that the goals set by upper management are not only set but also exceeded. It is very important that employee’s efforts are directed toward productivity and efficiency.

The next obligation of a mid-level manager is to align your goals similar to that of other organizations. You should use other companies that are similar to yours as a benchmark to make sure you are keeping up to par on production. Next as a mid-level manager you should support your employees efforts. The first thing you should do is eliminate barriers to your employees success. Next you should ensure that you are providing a safe work environment for employee success. You should do everything you can to allow your employees to be comfortable at work. This will promote a better work environment and more creativity amongst your employees. The last thing a mid-level manager should do is build the company. You should push yourself and your employees to come to work everyday striving to improve the organization.

The daily responsibilities of a mid-level manager are very important for the success of the business. Mid-level managers must energize employees toward goals set by upper management. These managers are responsible for establishing standard of their employees that benefit...
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