Top Five Ancient Chinese Achievements

Topics: China, Movable type, Johannes Gutenberg Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Top Five Ancient Chinese Achievements
When you think about ancient China’s achievements, you often get various different ideas, like fireworks, clocks, paper, pottery and crossbows. Well, I’m here to tell you that I believe that none of those above are the true top five achievements of ancient China in my version. I believe that the top five achievements of ancient china are printing, gunpowder, the mechanical clock, mass production and interchangeable parts. All five of these achievements were very important in their ancient age and even now, they show the same effects that shaped the world as it is.

Printing. Now, many people believe that the first printing methods were conducted by Johannes Gutenberg. But that is not true- to stand to fact. The first methods of printing were used by the Chinese, as if the message were to be produced repetitively with the same information, the characters would be notched into wood, but then later evolved to block printing, as seen in the Tang dynasty. The movable type could then be arranged into different scriptures of books, documents, and general housekeeping. Printing allowed us to record our thoughts and produce them over and over again. Printing evolved the world as it is today, even if it was not the most sophisticated. Gunpowder. Now, gunpowder was created as an accident, if you could call it that. Gunpowder was the start of a war tactic that is still in use today that revolutionized war and how others managed to evolve a simple thing as gunpowder attached to arrows to full out rifles. Gunpowder was also used to create fireworks, which defines china as a whole. Gunpowder also gave china the upper hand in was and combat- if you were fighting with spears and arrows with a limited distance and all of a sudden an arrow that is on fire comes flying at you and explodes, yes- you would be scared. Gunpowder revolutionized life as we know it. The mechanical clock. Where would be at without the mechanical clock? The truth...
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