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Topics: Point, Reason, The Main Point Pages: 9 (1996 words) Published: August 15, 2011
My speaking template = 28
So ,I will share my speaking templates with you. It brought me 28 on the speaking section .

Question 1 : If you had the opportunity to travel abroad,which place would you choose ?

Answer :
If I had the opportunity ''to travel abroad'' , I would definitely choose to visit [Barcelona] for a variety of reasons .Firstly ,it is very nice city,located on the Meditarenian .The climate is perfect,the people are nice ,and the life is not very expensive ; it is just the perfect place to visit . Secondly , Barcelona is my favourite soccer team .I would really love to visit their home stadium ''Nou Camp'' ,buy something from their fan shop ,and maybe attend a soccer game . For these two reasons,I would choose to visit Barcelona .

This is a very basic tamplate ,but it is good enough to get you a 4.00

Question 2 : Some people think that children should start school at the age of 3 or 4 ,while others think that children should start school at the age of 7 or 8 .

Answer : Although ,some people think children should start school at the age of 3 or 4 ,I strongly support the idea that children should attend school at the age of 7 ,or even 8 for a variety of reasons. Firstly ,a child needs to enjoy its childhood.It is very unfair to a child that has just learnt to walk and speak to be obligated to go to some institution and do some kind of homework .The child`s place is at kindergarten ,when they play with children of their age. Secondly ,a 3-year is clearly not mature enough to attend school.It is very hard to imagine that so young child can learn to write and even to solve basic problems after it has just learnt to speak. For these reasons ,I think children should attend school at the age of 7 or 8.

I cant give you examples with the other section,but I will share my templates.

Question 3 usually contains a reading passage ,in which the university announces something ,and listening passage,in which two students express their opinion.The task is to summerize the opinion of one of the student.NOtice that you are NOT asked to summerize the reading ,so you just need one sentance to say what it is about.Otherwize ,you run out of time

Question 3 : In this set of materials ,the reading passage is an announcement by the university ,about the/its [the main point of the reading passage] ,and the listening passage is a discussion between two students about what is included in the announcement . The man/woman states his/her opinion that (summerize the main points of the man/woman that you are asked to talk about.If you feel confident ,talk about some details too .DO NOT SPEAK ABOUT THE OTHER PERSON`S VIEWS) - you will run out of time and you wont complete the task)

Question 4 : YOu will read a short scientific passage - take good notes because this time you will have to explain the major points .After that you will hear a lecture ,and most of the time it is an example that is given by a professor to make the students more familiar with the terms in the reading passage''

According to the reading passage , ( summerize the major points .Use parallel structures like - ''Flow is a feeling of a complete involvement in an activiy ,losing the sense of time and reality ,and feeling happy ) '' instead of ''Flow is a feeling of a complete involvement in an activity ,people lose sense of time and reality ,and they feel happy '')

In the lecture ,the professor gives example with [what is the example about] to make the students more familiar with [what is the reading passage about] . Summerize the example CONCISELY - dont use many details !!!This is the harderst speaking to finish in the time allocated . The example clearly supported the ideas that [what is the reading passage about]

Question 5 - probably the easiest one .

In this conversation ,the two students are discussing the problem the man/woman is having with [what is the problem] .The problem is [explain...
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