"To serve and protect" that's what the type of career
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"To serve and protect" that's what the type of career path is, I would like to pursue. Ever since I was young I wanted to fulfill that motto. "To serve and protect" I started towards that goal by joining JROTC, wanting to join the military following high school, however while I grew older I started looking into joining the police department. As a result of me going to college and getting my degree in criminal justice will enable me to join the police department. Being a police Officer is just a stepping-stone in my life. I want to be a S.W.A.T officer and then a D.E.A agent and then ultimately join the
F.B.I, however first I will need to attend a college and get my degree. There are numerous reasons why I have chosen the career path of the criminal justice system.One of the reasons I want to pursue the criminal justice degree is because I have all ways wanted to look after people and thinking people would look up to me. If you have any type of uniform on, in the general public's eye you're seen as an important person that can help you in any circumstances, if they are in danger.
Another reason why I want to pursue the criminal justice degree is because I want to join the D.E.A and I would like to help keep drugs off the streets and if you get the drugs out of the area crime will also go down hopefully. I will be able to make an impact on a teenager life by stopping him/her from doing grugs because they will not have the ability to obtain the drugs. Some people may not like the police because they are frightened of the police for many reasons. Some people still believe police officers are raise and just look for black people doing bad things, but they do not. I want to help and be apart of the new way people think and feel about police officers, they are here to help the more you tell the police the more they can help

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