To Rule the Night

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“To Rule The Night”
James B. Irwin

English 10


“As we flew into space we had a new sense of ourselves, of the earth, and of the nearness of God. I sensed the beginning of some sort of deep change taking place inside of me” -James B. Irwin

The author’s purpose in the biography, “To Rule The Night,” by James B. Irwin, is to inform the reader of his life, particularly his trip to the moon and how God opened doors for him to share the word with thousands of people. Also in his book he talks about his childhood and how his father was a big Air force addict which influenced him to join the military. He also talks about what happened when he got back to Earth, about all the interviews, and the famous Postage stamp incident that occurred between the crew and a German stamp dealer. (64)“…to show that our good postal service delivers any place in the universe, I have the pleasant task of canceling , here on the moon, the first stamp of a new issue…” Dave went on to sell all the new stamps to the German stamp dealer. I believe that he did achieve in informing me on his journey to the moon and his life. I did enjoy this book also I thought it was encouraging how he was saved, (60) “certainly God had been watching over us that day.”

I think this book was meant for who ever was reading it because of all the interesting details, any kid could be interested in because he talks about living in zero Gs and how you eat with no gravity. (24) “All food containers were labeled A, B, C, D, E, and all meals were color-coded….So if a meal floated by and you identified it as red, you could say, ‘Hey Dave you’ve lost your entrée.” Also for an adult because of the actual story of it the fact that he went to the moon and the maturity it was written in. It was appealing even from a Christian stand point because no matter where you are God can work in you.

Well I believe the message I got from it was that God is everywhere and loves us enough to make the moon and all the stars. One of the themes that I noticed was he was a hard worker and was a respectful person. But I noticed a difference in him after he got saved; he was happier and was looking for opportunities to share the gospel. Well a element that contributed to the theme has to be the vastness of space, because how can you go into space and not realize how magnificent God is if this is just what He made.

The tone of the book seemed to be a very experience filled life. He did well in high school, joined the military, went into the air force, became a pilot, joined the space program, went to the moon, and became a revived Christian. Well while reading the book some elements that helped me identify the tone was the detail everything was described, (48) “Of course, you are constantly dodging rocks and craters. You hit a rock and you are literally airborne. You just bounce into space, float for a while, and then come down.” I think first of all the authors purpose, like I said before was to inform us of his adventure, and the tone just goes along with it.

He seemed to be a well educated man with great imagination and ability to retain facts, individual moments and tell it back to you so that you felt like you were right there with them.(33) “I wish we had such things as drops in space, but without any up of down, water doesn’t drop out. It just makes a blob, and the blob just keeps on getting larger and larger.” The vocabulary was not hard to understand; almost anyone could have read this book really. But at the same time it wasn’t to simple to were you thought the book was for a child, (127) “My new home was a rambling wooden building up on the hill that must have been the old officers quarters back during World War 2.”

There really weren’t any unusual qualities, except that the way that the book was written. It started out with his journey to the moon, then his childhood and worked its self back up. The book had much detail and really...
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