Discuss the Significance of the Book Title, “Night”

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Discuss the significance of the book title, “Night”
In the beginning of the bible, the world was dark. Then God created light in order to make it brighter. However, when the God is not here to protect the light, Night overtook. It is a time of darkness. It is also a place where people cannot see and help each other. Because of the faith in God, the darkness, hopeless of Night, and the period of Night, Elle Wiesel’s famous short novel is called “Night”, which is very significant for Elle Wiesel as well as the Jews during World War II. Firstly, lots of Jews were addicted to religious books reading because they admired God. While they were in the concentration camp, Jews had encountered many horrified things and they thought God was not there to protect them. One of the Jews said, “Where He is? This is where – hanging here from this gallows…” (Wiesel, P.65) when the Jews were forced to watch the execution of a boy. The Jews thought: How the God would allow a boy with an angelic face to be hanged by the Nazi. Because of this, people started asking where the God was. Someone even ceased believing in God. Second, Night also signified the low point of the main character, Elle’s faith in God. Elle once said, “My eyes has opened and I was alone, terribly alone in a world without God, without man, without love and mercy.” (Wiesel, P.68). Jews madly believed in the God, especially Elle. However, after a lot of depressing things happening, Elle felt suspicious in the existence of God. He thought he should stop believing in God in order to make himself stronger. Night had made Jews felt depressed because the things that they strongly believed in were not actually real, and that was the meaning of the book title, “Night”. Throughout the novel, Night represents darkness and hopeless, and these were what exactly Jews felt about their lives. In the concentration camp, everyone just wanted...
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