To Be an Entrepreneur

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Small business Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: November 10, 2008
When the topic comes to "choosing your own career path", I would think of being an entrepreneur. You may wonder is an entrepreneur actually a small-business owner since they are both people who set up and operate a business. I would say somehow they are different. Although many small-business owners possess the same drive, creative energy, and desire to become big-business owners, others may be content to operate a business that provides a comfortable living. By contrast, a typical entrepreneur is a risk taker who tries to make the business grow. There are three reasons why I want to be an entrepreneur.

Some people are motivated by dissatisfaction with the organizational work world, citing desires to escape unreasonable bosses or insufficient rewards and recognition as motives to start their own firms. For me, I like to start my own business because I believe my ideas represent opportunities to fulfill customer's needs. I am a kind of people who like to create things for better life, this inborn ability showed up even when I was a child. I also like to make something significant out of a small beginning. I believe these are characteristics of being an entrepreneur. And the satisfaction of making others feel satisfactorily is the motivation that drives me most. Like Bill Gates, he recognized his own entrepreneurial role at Microsoft when he resigned from the chief executive of his now-giant enterprise to take on the new position of "chief software architect." The change enables the current CEO to focus on managing the company while Gates looks for new business opportunities. The only reason he gave up being a CEO is the motivation to create new things for better life. He strongly desires the feeling of satisfaction which can only be obtained by accomplishing his never-ended goals one by one.

Besides the desire to satisfy the others as well as myself, another reason for me to choose it as my future career is because entrepreneurs are...
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